Nam libero tempore est optio cumque nihil quo.

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Diana Penty is a model-turned actress, who has walked the ramp for eminent Italian as well as Indian designers.
  • Disrupt yourself™ - The market stays up all night thinking of ways to disrupt us. We need to beat them to it and disrupt ourselves if we hope to survive.
  • The act of running a successful, profitable, transparent, ethical business is a beautiful gift to humanity.
  • Business is better-positioned to create economic, environmental and social sustainability than any other actor on Earth. It is up to us to bring it into being.
  • If we are timid about selling with transparency, it is probably because we are using old advantages in old protected markets that won’t exist in five years. Disrupt yourself before someone else does.
  • If our Social Media is just another one-way marketing channel, we should shut it down and come back when we’re courageous enough to have a two-way conversation. Listening is painful. Responding graciously to criticism is even harder. We shouldn’t start the conversation unless we love the truth of how people feel about our business.
  • Many brands have lost their soul and desperately need to get it back. We’ve forgotten the simple human need that the founder fulfilled on day one.
  • Brands can’t act with impunity anymore - and neither can executives. We have to stop pretending people can’t see what happens in the back room deals - because armies of volunteer activists are watching, and they have a very loud bullhorn.
  • Employees are not there to build our ego, or do our dance. They want to be co- creators with us. We should invite them to conspire with us in our hunt for the illusive prize.
  • We have to heal ourselves as people before we can change our company. We must have the humility, curiosity and courage to change ourselves. Living out of that healing will, in turn, heal the company.
  • Control is an illusion. If we’re still depending on systems of command and control, we attract people who will resign their fate to us in exchange for our protection. Inspiring a team of wild horses to run alongside us is a lot more fun.
  • The ethic of progress eradicates politics. Companies with endless infighting have failed to connect compensation to demonstrable progress. When people get paid well to spend the year arguing, they will do so.
  • If we don’t let our employees talk about the company online, odds are good it’s because we know we haven’t treated them well.

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