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Diana Penty is a model-turned actress, who has walked the ramp for eminent Italian as well as Indian designers.
“Authenticity requires a depth of character that cannot be obtained through information, technique or skill. It is a lifelong pursuit that is only taken by the best of us.”    - Greg Robinson, Ph.D.

Our philosophy ...

You’ve seen it. Maybe you were even part of it. The company where the suits are sitting in their offices around the edge, with their doors closed. The rest are sitting in the middle, trying to look busy. Maybe the occasional wunderkind gets recruited in, causes a ruckus for a while, then either assimilates or leaves. The message is clear: your presence is required, but your input and engagement are not welcome. This is the soul- killing stuff of the corporate world today - and the reason some companies are stuck while other are soaring.

We need all hands on-deck. Not just “present and accounted for,” but engaged. Doing. Creating. Pushing each other to greatness. Young professionals were led to believe they were going to contribute when we recruited them. If our egos, our systems, or our indifference continue to marginalize them, the best will leave, and the rest... well, they’ll happily show up, take up space, and we’ll wonder why we can’t get any forward momentum.

What can we do about it? Well, cultures weren’t built in a day, but they can be changed faster than you think. It just requires an inordinate about of courage on the part of leaders.

How do we get there? Authentic tries to keep it simple. We believe these ingredients, genuinely lived out in an organization, will absolutely change it:

  • Purpose
  • Humility
  • Courage
  • Shared Interest
  • Self Awareness
  • Transparency
  • Maturity

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