Going global? Call us. Chances are good we’re already working where you’re going next.

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Diana Penty is a model-turned actress, who has walked the ramp for eminent Italian as well as Indian designers.

We help you ...

  • enter new markets
  • localize your eCommerce
  • optimize your supply/distribution chain
  • maximize sales

We do it by ...

  • accessing local expertise through our global network
  • applying our expertise in design, development and operations
  • focusing on fulfillment, sales and demand generation

What you are buying from us ...

  • eCommerce consulting
  • Store design, development and operations
  • Turnkey fulfillment and logistics

Our philosophy

This is the most important part. Where the rubber meets the road. We all need to sell to survive. Authentic commerce believes that global eCommerce requires a unique blend of global standardization mixed with customization at the local level. The rules are changing fast - your sourcing countries are now your fastest growing consumer markets. Unfortunately, your supply and distribution chain is still stuck in the past. It may seem easier to turn around an aircraft carrier than to reconfigure your supply chain, but you’d be surprised at the innovative solutions we’re bringing to market.

  • Are you still shipping containers to the USA only to ship pallets back to Asian stores and DCs? We’ve got a solution for that.
  • Your storefront needs local content, local knowledge, and local payment systems. We’ve got you covered there too.
  • User Experience is critical when optimizing conversion. Our experts make sure you put the fewest clicks between Browse and Buy.
  • Finally, don’t forget to invite people to the party. Our demand generation team can work with your agency or marketing department to create custom SEO and SEM programs for every market.

We don’t care if you’re in the West going East, or East headed West. This is why we have people on four continents - its about local knowledge and boots on the ground, coupled with world-class expertise in eCommerce technology.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to continue the conversation. Call us. Contact us. Join the conversation on Facebook. Or, just subscribe to our blog and listen for a while.